Your website is a part of a “WordPress Multi-Site” installation. This makes it easy for us to manage dozens of websites running on WordPress, and centralizes the maintenance work (upgrades and troubleshooting). It also makes it incredibly fast for us to do the initial setup of a new website.

Compared to a regular, single WordPress installation, there is an inconvenience – new plugins and themes can only be installed by a “super-administrator”. Once they are installed, they can be used at any of the websites in the multi-site network. The reason we do not give out super-admin access from the onset is because it gives you access to all 30+ sites that are live on the network. The screen can look a bit confusing if not technology literate, and there’s some chance of breaking things in other websites. However, this is still possible, so please talk to your provider contact about your needs.

If you do not have super-admin access and want to have a plugin or theme installed: please send your contact the URL of the plugin from the official themes directory of plugin directory, if possible. A zip file is fine as well.

If you have super-admin access – once you log in from your website, you will see one more menu item in the top line black bar menu called “My Sites” – move your mouse over, and click “Themes” or “Plugins”. Then click “Add New”. You can search from here, which will search from the official directory, or click “Upload theme/upload plugin”, which allows you to upload a ZIP file. After uploading, the steps are different for themes and plugins. For themes, be sure to network enable the theme. Only enabled themes will appear on websites to be selected. For plugins, do not network activate – network activate means that the plugin will be active in every single website in the network – we applied this to a small, select group of plugins – WPML, Akismet Anti-spam, etc.


Updated on 2019-04-08T15:55:58-07:00, by Yongho Kim.